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Hook & Hunting: Ice Fishing Outlook

When the weather gets colder, instead of finding ways to stay warm inside, ice fishing enthusiasts can’t wait to get out on the ice.

While there is still some time before the ice fully forms, one conservationist wants to make sure you’re prepared.

The first step is to check the ice, and make sure someone is with you when you do.

Use an ice spud to pound the ice before every step, and wear footwear that allows you to keep your footing on ice.

“You just got to know what you’re on. Don’t make any assumptions, if you see a guys standing there don’t just walk to where he is at. Check the ice on your way out there,” said Christopher Knaisel of Pilgrim’s Village Resort. “The same thing with the snowmobiles and quads, you see a guy out there, don’t just assume you know what he can go across, I can go across. You’ve got to know what you’re driving on.”

For those waiting, it depends on the weather but some areas could have ice ready in the next couple of weeks.


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