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Hook & Hunting: Tips to Keep Hunters Safe, Successful

Firearm season is underway, and the Department of Natural Resources is saying there are already 50,000 deer reported in the state.

The DNR says that in the past, deer hunters would come to the check stations across the state to get a sense of participation, but now that hunters can utilize the new online harvest reporting tool, more hunters aren’t coming to the check stations.

As the temperatures are getting colder, the DNR suggests ways to minimize your risks in order to have a successful hunt.

“So hunters just need to be aware of the risks of hypothermia and being away from their vehicle too long or too far at a time and overestimating their abilities to deploy four hours a day or half day. Think of this snow as rain. You’re going to be wet and know your limits and be safe,” said Peter Kailing, senior biologist at the DNR.

The DNR also recommends that you leave a message of your whereabouts with a family member or friend.

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