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80-Year-Old Hunter Found Safe After Falling in Au Sable River

A hunter lost in the woods for hours has been returned home safe.

The 80-year-old hunter was tracking a deer near Nash Camp Road in Lovells Township. His wife became concerned when he didn’t return home after three hours. It was then that she started hearing gunshots, a signal that he was lost.

She called Michigan State Police who was able to locate him a little more than a half mile from his home with the help of a K9.

“It was the best possible outcome for a situation like this,” Koedy Dole, a trooper with the Michigan State Police, said. “And unfortunately, no, it doesn’t always end positive. So when you’re, when we’re we’re about 50 yards away from them, we heard them talking back to us. It was just a sudden relief. And there’s just all right now, ‘let’s get you back, let’s get you warm.'”

The hunter was found wet and cold after falling in the Au Sable River.

MSP gave him warm clothes and he was transported to Grayling Munson Hospital where he was treated and released in good health.


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