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Semper Fi and America’s Fund Supports Recovering Veteran


An injured veteran, author and newly-elected County Commissioner is excited to start a new chapter of his life in Gaylord.

Army veteran Jonathan Turnbull was critically wounded in 2019 in Syria when an ISIS suicide bomber struck. Doctors gave Turnbull a zero percent chance of survival.

Not only did he survive, but he was just elected District Three Commissioner in Otsego County.

This all happened, in part, because of Semper Fi & America’s Fund who played a key role in the recovery process for Turnbull.

“So waking up, I couldn’t see. I was in a strange place. And I wasn’t able to breathe on my own. I wasn’t able to do things on my own. I was very stressed out, didn’t know what’s going on,” Turnbull says. “A representative from Semper Fi & America’s Fund came and sat down. Her name was Karen. She remember sitting by my side and asking me, ‘Jon, what happened? What can we do to help you?’ And once I had my breathing machine removed, I was able to respond.”

He says this one person from Semper Fi & America’s Fund changed his life.

“I told her I was freezing, laying in this bed and one thin blanket on there. I’m really cold. Could you help me with this? She got up, I kid you not, right then and there, went to one of the nurses asked where the blankets were and came back with an armful of blankets, tossed them on my bed, helped me warm up.” continues Turnbull.

The care from Semper Fi & America’s Fund continues to this day for the Turnbull family.

“They’re a part of our family. They would call like a good aunt or uncle and just be like, hey, how’s everything going? And when we talk, she would always finish it with, what can i do?” Turnbull describes.

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