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Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Transitions to New Medical Dispensing System

Munson Healthcare Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital is getting some big help to transition to a new medication dispensing system.

The new system comes after the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation’s Anchor and Heart Endowment awarded them a $100 thousand grant. This new system will help doctors and nurses safely give patients the right medication at the right time.

They say this will help meet their standard of practice as the systems before required a manual sign-out process.

“It was called the lock and key system. It required a lot of kind of hands on transactional work, which increased the likelihood that there may be safety issues that arose,” …said. “The purpose of this is to really make the dispensing of medicine safer and more efficient for patients and for the doctors and other health care professionals serving patients at the hospital.”

This is just one of many grants Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital has been awarded over the years to help their wide ranging services and programs.

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