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The Three State Proposals on the Ballot Explained

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The three state proposals on the ballot touch on hot-button issues for Michiganders. They are part of the reason we are seeing so many people turn out to vote, and if they pass, here is what they’ll do.

If Proposal One passes, the total years a state lawmaker can be in office shrinks to 12 years, but will allow lawmakers to serve all 12 years in one chamber.

“We’ve seen shorter term leadership, which means you don’t have the long term vision,” Sen. Wayne Schmidt says.

Proposal Two would change the way Michigan votes. It would allow for early voting nine days before Election Day.

“Some other things that it would do is it would provide state funded state funding for drop boxes, for absentee ballots and for postage for the return of those absentee ballots,” says Ben Marentette, the Traverse City clerk.

Lastly, Proposal Three, called Reproductive Freedom for All, enshrines in the state constitution abortion rights like those afforded by Roe v Wade. If passed, the fine details would likely be figured out by the courts.

“Can’t have every circumstance within a constitutional amendment. A constitutional amendment is supposed to set out the broad parameters.” comments Michael McDaniel, a constitutional law professor at WMU Cooley law school.

Lots of money has been spend on Proposal Three by those for and against it.

The results of all three proposals will impact many across the state.

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