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Michigan Secretary of State: Detroit Polling Issue Resolved

7:00 p.m.

The Michigan Department of State issued a statement regarding issues with the e-pollbooks in Detroit.

“Today, the Michigan Bureau of Elections assisted the Detroit City Clerk’s office to quickly address an issue with the city’s e-pollbooks and ensured that all voters were able to vote.

“Typically, when voting in a precinct, an electronic pollbook, or laptop based ‘e-pollbook,’ is used to confirm a voter is registered and has not been issued or has not cast an absentee ballot. Then, poll workers provide a numbered ballot to the voter in the precinct.

“According to the Detroit Clerk’s office, in a few instances this morning upon checking in a voter, some e-pollbooks displayed an error message stating that the number on the ballot they were about to provide to the voter in the precinct was identical to a number on an absentee ballot that had already been issued. When this occurred, the poll worker added an additional letter to the precinct ballot to distinguish them from the absentee ballots. Then voters, because they actually had not received or cast an absentee ballot, were issued the precinct ballot. In all circumstances eligible voters were able to vote.”

12:35 p.m.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s office says a polling issue in Detroit has been identified and resolved.

They say earlier Tuesday morning, several precincts told voters who showed up to vote in person that they had already voted absentee.

The issue appears to be with the precincts’ electronic pollbook. The Secretary of State’s office says each polling location also has a paper pollbook as a backup.

Most voters were allowed to cast provisional ballots that will be counted the same as other votes.

At least three of the city’s 450 precincts reportedly had the problem. The issue seems limited to the city of Detroit.

You can report any election issues to the nonpartisan Election Protection Hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683).

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