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Inside The Kitchen at Island Grillers in Charlevoix

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“I am originally from Jamaica and I always wanted to do an island theme in northern Michigan,” said the owner of Island Grillers, Karl Salmon.

Karl grew up in a family of great cooks.

Now he’s lived in Northern Michigan for 27 years.

“I have always wanted to do my own thing,” he said.

That’s where Island Grillers was born, bringing fiery flavor in his Charlevoix food truck.

The recipes are all his own.

“All in here,” he said as he pointed to his head. “Never copy anything, it’s like I think about things and I will just say, I bet this will taste good, it just sounds good.”

The Jamaican jerk chicken is smoked for about 6 hours.

“This is no joke, this is the real deal, right here,” he said.

Hoping to bring happiness, and a taste of his home, with every bite.

“It makes me feel really good, and like I said, if I can, puts a smile, someone’s face on this food, then I think I’d be something good,” Karl said.

You can find Island Grillers at 230 Ferry Avenue in Charlevoix, or call them at 231-758-7781.

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