Michigan Region Red Cross Provides Update on Ian Volunteer Efforts in Florida

The Red Cross Michigan Region provided an update on Michigan volunteers and their work down in Florida.

Hurrican IanThere are 47 volunteers from Michigan across Florida.

The group is one of the largest state volunteer groups deployed, joining over 1,500 volunteers from across the country.

They say they’re helping people with shelter, food, and clothing.

One volunteer, Patricia Nelson, is at the Ocean Center mega shelter in Daytona Beach, helping feed a thousand people in their shelter.

“Our motto in our kitchen is that no client leaves our food line without a smile,” Nelson said.

She said they’re getting new people in to their shelter each day.

“It’s a devastating thing down here that is ongoing,” Nelson said. “”Unfortunately the underground system in this part of Florida is inundated with the water that is trying to get out of the middle of the state, and it’s coming through the ground and it is flooding areas that were not flooding before.”

Nelson said they have been able to share a few smiles with the people that have come through their doors, and that makes everything worth it.

“Just knowing that you reach out to someone in such a significant way just by giving them food, shelter, listening to their stories, it’s what we do,” Nelson said. “It’s what fills our soul.”

The Red Cross says there are three ways you can help:

  • Financial donations can be made here, or call 1-800-HELP NOW.
  • Give blood at your local drive here.
  • Volunteers are still needed. You can view needed positions here.