Roscommon Twp. Officials Discuss Proposed Camp Grayling Expansion

Campgrayling2It’s been a little over three months since Camp Grayling officials proposed a plan to expand 162,000 acres. Now, three months later folks across northern Michigan continue to voice their concerns.

People gathered in the Roscommon Township Hall for Tuesday night’s board meeting. And although the proposed expansion wouldn’t touch Roscommon Township, those opposed to it say it would still impact the community greatly.

“Well it does effect all of us in one way or another,” Roscommon Township Supervisor Diane Randall states. “Whether it would be not being able to use some of the trails, our residents use those trails. Or perhaps some of the water ways.”

The proposed expansion would effect Lake and Lyon Townships in Roscommon County. With Roscommon and Lake Townships sharing a border Randall says it would impact residents in her township as well.

“I think we all are patriotic and absolutely know how important it is for them to do their training. But, my concern is it sounds like they could be leasing out some of these buildings and property as well. These are tax exempt properties,” Randall explains. “It just seems like they’re going beyond what they’re scope of training should be. It sounds like they’re running a business.”

Two retired Lieutenant Colonel’s spoke at Tuesday’s board meeting about the proposed expansion. Randall believes Tuesday night’s meetingRoscotwp was more informative than previous meetings Camp Grayling and DNR officials have held.

The two retired officer’s say the cons far outweigh the pros, and believe Camp Grayling officials are being deceitful.

“[They say], we’re not going to put up any permanent fencing. Permanent well what’s the difference between a permanent and a temporary fence, what’s the difference between a permanent or temporary building if it’s coming down in 20 years,” asks Mike McNamara.

And as people in northern Michigan eagerly await the director of the DNR’s decision at the end of the year. They say they hope meetings like tonight’s will spread the word and keep people informed.