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Turtle Creek Casino Gives Donations to Father Fred Foundation

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Turtle Creek Casino collected donations a month ago and the Father Fred Foundation received them Monday.

“This is really going to help us restock the pantry since we’ve had so many such an uptick in business over the past couple of months” says Stephanie Kimball from the Father Fred Foundation.

With food prices going up, the casino did not hesitate to step up.

Tracy Kurtz from Turtle Creek Casino comments “We noticed that there was a huge food insecurity in the region and so we decided to add a community component to one of our existing promotions.”

And the giving did not stop with the casino guests, their employees even helped out

“Our employees are so generous. Our housekeeping staff donated 1,938 items to the list. So it was amazing so everyone participated and it really was successful” continues Kurtz.

So many people coming together to support this food pantry

Those at the casino hope this inspires the community to give a little more themselves.

“We just wanted to inspire others to do the same. Maybe for you, your family, your business, if you’re able to help out others this time of year, we really just want to encourage others,” Kurtz adds.

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