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Inside The Kitchen at The Burrow TC


“The Burrow TC is a fun new restaurant here in the West Side in Greilickville, California inspired cuisine,” said chef and owner, John Larson.

He says think re-imagined or re-inspired.

“Things you’re super familiar with, but we just put our own little twist and touch on it,” said John.

Like this burger culinary director Dallas Dziedzic is finishing up.

“It’s unassuming,” he said. “It looks like a burger with French fries, but once you start tasting it, you really get the seasonings and you’re like, ‘what did they do to this?’ Dallas said.

“Everybody makes a burger, but whatever they’re doing with their flavors, it’s just different,” said Liz Arbut, a frequent customer.

Liz says that attention to detail isn’t spared in any dish.

The wedge salad for example, each piece carefully crafted and piled up perfectly.

“It’s just like every bite has something in it, it’s so awesome that way,” she said.

The Burrow TC extends out to West Grand Traverse Bay with their Dine ‘N’ Dock program.

“We have 100 seats here, but then we’re like, well, there’s, you know, a couple of hundred boat slips out there,” said John.

“They deliver to the boats, I mean, how much more can you ask for?” asked Liz.

All you have to do is call in, and you can order off the same menu as if you were dining in the restaurant.

“The fact that you can have a gourmet meal on your boat, it’s pretty awesome,” said Liz.

Out, riding the waves or digging in in the dining room, the new Traverse City restaurant hopes you’ll do just as its name suggests.

“The burrow is kind of like a place to commune for like animals and stuff, so they all come into this one spot and commune known as a burrow, so that’s kind of where it came from,” John said.

You can call The Burrow TC at 231-943-1048, or find them at 12930 S W Bayshore Drive in Traverse City.

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