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Update on Large Black Cat Spotted in Copemish

We have an update on the large black cat seen in Copemish in August.

The picture went viral as people wondered just what type of cat it was, so the Michigan Department of Natural Resources went out to Twisted Trails Off Road Park with the photographer who captured the photos of the black cat.

For perspective, they re-enacted the pictures by placing an item where the cat was spotted. They believe the cat is 20 to 30-inches long.

The DNR’s cougar team also looked at all the pictures, and say they can’t conclude it’s not a jaguar. But with what they gathered, they believe it’s a house cat.

“A domestic cat or possibly a hybrid of some type where they can be, you know, a larger cat, but still a pet,” said Steve Griffith, a DNR Wildlife Biologist. “The DNR mission is to manage native wildlife populations. And with this cat, which is definitely not a native animal to Michigan, you know that that’s the extent of our involvement.”

The DNR does say the cat is not dangerous.