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Tudor Dixon Speaks on Abortion, Will Support Decision By Voters

After the Board of Canvassers failed to certify the ballot proposal on expanded reproductive rights last week, the Supreme Court has until Friday to do so.

The main issue against the proposal was spacing and grammar in the written proposal.

Michigan’s gubernatorial nominees have been very vocal on their stance on legal abortion in Michigan, with Governor Gretchen Whitmer fully supporting legal abortion while nominee Tudor Dixon pushes against it, with no exceptions.

After the Labor Day bridge walk, 9&10 News asked Dixon if she would support the law if passed by voters.

“We’ll be watching obviously carefully what happens with the Supreme Court and I’ve always said that if this passes that I will support the law and that will be the law of the land I will always support the law,” said Dixon. “This governor has come out and said that she won’t I will not governing that way.”

The ballot proposal collected nearly three-quarters of a million signatures, a record in Michigan. Polling shows wide support in legalizing abortion.

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