What’s Growing? Making Worm Doo

This week I’m staying at Morgan Composting making Dairy Doo, but now we are talking Worm Doo!

That’s right! Worm Doo is something you can use for your raised beds or just in the ground.

In order to get the doo, first it needs to be made. Worms are where it all comes from!

They have a lot of worms… more than a million!

They are put in beds which are a food recipe so they produce a lot of quality castings.

Justin says they have more than 1 kind too”  There’s two types in here. There’s a European Nightcrawler, which you can see here. They’re bigger. And then there’s the red Wigler. So the Red Wigler are smaller, they’re a lot more wirey, and they eat their body weight a day.”

Over 90 days the bedding is slowly turned into mostly castings.

And then is the time to harvest the Worm Doo!

The castings are screened much like Dairy Doo: put into a large funnel-like rotating device allowing the castings to be sifted out.

At the end is where large pieces come out along with worms to be used again.

“Yep. So the worms will keep rolling around and the castings will fall through the small holes and then clean everything out. And you can see down here what it looks like.”

Worm castings can be used in many places such as the garden, flower baskets, a ground garden, etc.

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