Pickford Hay Days Festival Combines Tradition with Fun

From a parade to a softball tournament to goodies and more, a Chippewa County community celebrates family, fun and history.

Hay DaysThe annual Pickford Hay Days festival started on Aug. 2 and will end Aug. 7.

It’s a common sight around Pickford this time of year, the cutting and baling of hay.

This festival is held no only to remember the most obvious activity this time of year, but also to promote activities that represent togetherness, hard work.

For one person, it was her first time at the festival selling her own homemade cheesecakes, but also for her young son who was selling something he made Saturday morning.

“We moved here three years ago from Ohio, and Wyatt is actually selling weather witches too that you can hang up with that will tell you if it’s going to rain or be sunny based on the way it is up or down,” said Jennifer Shearer.

The event wraps up tomorrow with a BBQ chicken fundraiser and a horse show.

For more information on the Hay Days schedule, click here.