“It’s going to be a rough ride,” Dixon-Whitmer Showdown Set for Governor’s Office

The stage is set.

After a primary race lasting over a year,  the next three months will be a sprint to the finish for Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Republican nominee Tudor Dixon.

While the results are not official yet and some counting is still being done, conservative commentator Dixon declared victory Tuesday night in the Republican primary.Primary Gov Recap Pkg 8 3 2200 00 27 15still001

She received nearly 41% of the vote compared to second place Kevin Rinke at 22%. Now, a showdown with Whitmer in the general election awaits.

“Our work isn’t finished my friends,” said Dixon during her victory speech. “We are just getting started and I hear it’s going to be a rough ride.”

The reward for Dixon beating four other candidates for the Republican gubernatorial nomination? A one-on-one matchup with Whitmer.

“Having served with Whitmer in the State House, I know she’s a tough candidate and she’s a tough campaigner,” said Rep. Bill Huizenga, “But I know that Tudor is the right person to be able to take her on and go and win.”

This is the first time Michigan has had two women fighting for the state’s top office.

“This is going to be an epic battle between a conservative businesswoman and mother,” said Dixon, “And a far left, birthing parent and career politician.”

Dixon won surprisingly easily after polls predicted a tight race, but in reality things ratcheted up when Dixon picked up the endorsement of former President Donald Trump last week. Dixon did not mention the former president in her victory speech.

“Tudor Dixon and her team know they have to win the general,” said John Sellek of Harbor Strategic, “The general is more than Donald Trump. It’s about right now, and Joe Biden, and inflation and public safety.”

Immediately it became clear Dixon’s strategy will be to tie Whitmer to President Biden’s low approval rating.

“It’s about the young family in Sterling Heights that can’t afford its groceries anymore because of Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden‘s inflation,” Dixon said during her speech.

“She’s going to continue to work with anyone who will take care of Michiganders,” said Michigan Democrats chairwoman Lavora Barnes of Whitmer, “And the needs of Michiganders and put Michiganders first.”

Whitmer has clearly been working to separate herself from Biden and focus on her work here.

“I care about the people of the state, the work that I’ve done reflects that and I’m eager to tell my record and to pull people into this moment,” said Whitmer on Primary Day.

“Governor Whitmer wants to be seen as her own candidate, and so does Tudor Dixon,” said Sellek, “I think we’ll see them try to do that and use Biden or Trump where it makes sense, and where it’s necessary.”

The biggest impact, as it usually is, may be money. Dixon has to raise more because Whitmer already has a ton of it. And now with a target to focus on, will immediately start spending it.

“I also suspect we’re going to see the fireworks getting off,” said Sellek, “Almost right away.”

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