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AG Nessel Reiterates Abortion Legality in Michigan

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As confusion and uncertainty remain on the legality of abortion in Michigan, Attorney General Dana Nessel held a press event Tuesday spotlighting rural communities.

Given the difficulties of all healthcare in rural areas like northern Michigan, Nessel says it will be even more difficult to get reproductive services like abortions, despite then still being legal in the state right now.

Nessel warns that local prosecutors may push these services out of their counties despite it being legal.

“Especially if you are in a county where you’re afraid that you have a prosecutor that will investigate and will prosecute, even though we have this preliminary injunction that’s in place right now,” said Nessel. “Obviously that’s a threat that we’ve heard from prosecutors across the state, it’s an empty threat because we have a preliminary injunction that is in place. Right now abortion is still a legal right in the state.”

There is no timeline for a decision on the injunction from the state Supreme Court, but Governor Gretchen Whitmer has asked for the process to be expedited.

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