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Gov. Whitmer Signs Bills Supporting Michigan’s Agriculture Economy, Hospital Sales, Dog Microchipping

Promo Image: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Says She Will Fight to Keep Michigan a Pro-Choice State

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a package of bills supporting Michigan’s agriculture economy Wednesday.

“Agriculture is a cornerstone of Michigan’s economy, and today’s package of bipartisan legislation empowers our food and agriculture businesses to expand and create more good-paying jobs,” said Governor Whitmer. “These bipartisan bills will build on our efforts to support rural communities by investing in high-quality infrastructure, high-speed internet, affordable childcare, attainable housing, and regional economic development. I will work with anyone to get things done that put Michiganders first.”

The package of bills include House Bills 5742, 5743, 5744, 5745, 5746, 5747 and 5748 along with Senate Bill 1058. This allows the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to certify the quality of agricultural products manufactured in Michigan and issue certificates of free sale. The certificates are often required for businesses to export their products.

The governor also signed legislation addressing staffing shortages, sales of hospitals, and updates laws regarding microchips in dogs.

House Bills 5696 and 5726 helps address staffing shortages at alcohol wholesalers by reducing the age at which someone could do certain tasks from 18 to 16 years old, which allows them to work at places were alcoholic beverages are distributed.

House Bill 5876 allows hospitals an easier process to partner with or sell to another health system, which removes the costly requirements in order to transfer assets.

House Bill 5588 and 5589 update and ensure consistency in state law, and also prohibits the use of tattooing dogs for identification purposes.