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Free Priority Health Fitness Court Open on Boardman Lake Loop in Traverse City

There’s something new in Traverse City to help you get your workout in, and you don’t have to pay. It’s the Priority Health Fitness Court.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says Michigan is constantly ranked among the top ten to fifteen most obese states.

Priority Health, Grand Traverse County and the National Fitness Campaign are working to change that statistic.

“Here in Grand Traverse County, we are committed to leading our state and enhancing the experience our community has with fitness,” said Grand Traverse County Administrator Nate Alger.

The fitness court is on the Boardman Lake Loop.

“At Priority Health, we do a lot of work with social determinants of health, and we know that people that have access to fitness can thrive, and really they can help them be healthier and have better health outcomes for our entire community,” said Jen Seman Director of Sales and Client Services for Priority Health.

All you need for a workout is a pair of tennis shoes.

The fitness court is made up of several different exercise stations.

And you choose between a three, five or seven-minute challenge.

“We did our own five-minute challenge, and for five minutes, it was a really good workout,” said Alger.

“We did some mountain climbers. Then we did some squats. Some boxes can assist you with that squat to make sure you’re getting to the right location,” said Seman. “Then we did some pushups, and they can be assisted on an incline or decline.”

Each exercise has a beginner, intermediate or advanced option, all in an effort to encourage healthy lifestyles.

“Get out there and get active. You know, lead a small group of people to see what you can do. Light up that scoreboard in your personal life,” said Rob Hentschel, Chairman, Grand Traverse Board of Commissioners.

This is the second Priority Health Fitness Court in Grand Traverse County. The other one is in Blair Township.

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