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Diocese of Gaylord Bishop on SCOTUS Decision: “I See It As God’s Providence”

The Diocese of Gaylord is also reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision to .

Bishop Jeffrey Walsh says today’s decision was the work of prayers and efforts over the last 49 years since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

“To see that there is something that was finally recognized about how we’ve been approaching the issue since that Roe versus Wade decision that it was an unjust decision, it was something that had no root in constitutional law from the beginning,” said Bishop Walsh.

Bishop Walsh said efforts from the Pro Life movement, like marches and lobbying, that took place to bring attention to Roe v. Wade being an unjust ruling from both a civil and moral point of view.

“There is a sense of relief that there is a kind of justice that has been returned to the issue at the federal level,” Bishop Walsh said. “Now it’s back to the states where democratically elected representatives will have the ability to debate the issue, and be able to provide guidance for the laws that will govern this very important issue.”

Bishop Walsh said today’s Supreme Court decision is something the church has always had a stance on.

“The church always stands as a stall worth for protecting and promoting what is internal human fulfillment and having life and having it abundantly,” he said.

As the ruling goes back to the states to decide, and , Bishop Walsh is asking members of the church to not sign the petition for reproductive freedom.

“We would very much be against that because it would basically wipe out any Pro Life efforts or laws that are enshrined in Michigan state laws,” he said. “The church will continue to try to build a culture of life, which would include helping people who find themselves in crisis. Women who have unexpected pregnancies, or walking the journey with them through the difficult sacrifices that are part of that experiences in our Catholic Human Services, in our pregnancy centers, so many of our parishes do outreaches in those ways, and we want to continue to be advocates for that.”