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What’s Growing? Feeding the Lawn

The summer heat is certainly here and our plants and lawns need help getting through it.

We are approaching July 4 and that means it’s time to feed the lawn.

Justin Morgan from Morgan Composting recommends feeding all the holidays in the summer: Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.  You can do more if you want to.

Safe Green Lawn is what we’ve been using on the lawn here at Heritage House.

Justin says, ” It’s a 10-0-4, the second number is phosphorus. And we got to be conscious of that because phosphorus is a maybe a culprit of the algae bloom, right? So just got to be careful if you have a lake or river stream. This was designed with no phosphorus in it so it’s safe. It’s also organic. So it can be around your pets. It can be around your kids. You can have your kids spread for you, whatever you want to do, but it’s a really easy to use product and it’s more of a marathon that helps build that soil. ”

Now, if you want a quick green-up in just a few days Turf Blaster is the way to go. You connect it to a hose and crisscross the lawn for a few seconds.

Both are easy to put down and you can use them both at the same time.

Put down Turf Blaster, which is short-term, then use Safe Green Lawn to make sure the green lasts.