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What’s Growing? Planting an Apple Tree

Over the years we’ve planted vegetables, flowers, and even trees.

Well, it’s tree time for Heritage house and this week we are planting another apple tree.

Terry Bertrand from Barker Creek nursery and Justin Morgan from Morgan Composting joined me.

My initial concern is it’s too late in the season to plant it.  Terry says it’s not a problem.

“There’s no bad time to plant a tree and the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, so we’re right on course. Okay. So the thing is when things are sleeping you can just handle them. I bet you can. You can kind of take your time. You can transport them in an open trailer or truck. Here. We’ve tarped the truck so we don’t have wind damage to the foliage. We got the hole dug. We got good soil on the bottom, but we don’t mess around. Just get it done.”

And we are not just using the dirt, dug up. We are adding Dairy Doo Tree and Shrub

“We may have a little bit of clay in here but it’s really sandy and light soil. And remember, your tree is only as good as the soil you put it in and may last for a little bit and there may be some nutrients in there. But to make the same goal for us in his life, we got to make sure we put it comfortable back down there,” Justin says. “So the tree and shrub has Dairy Doo in it, bark and their Spagna peat has Tennessee brown rock in there for phosphorus and also as gypsum in theirs for our calcium and sulfur. So it’s a nice balance, potting soil, and then it has minerals in there so we can get the taste back out of our fruit.”

So we don’t have to go really super deep but we definitely want to go broad to accommodate those lateral roots to anchor our tree and heavy winter?

Terry recommends making a wide hole.

“You know, I would say twice, if not three times. The size of the tree, especially if you’re in like Kalkaska sand or in other areas if you’ve got clay air rating, so that’s soil softer, so the roots can spread quicker. Yeah, um, what I like about the Morgan composting is it’s got everything in it that balances the soil needs for one full year. ”

Fill in the hole to just below the graf of the tree. It looks like a knuckle.

Be sure to cover up all the roots with the soil/compost combination.

Plus, be sure to make a little bevel with the compost to keep any rainfall around the tree, keeping the soil moist so the tree can grow!