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Inside The Kitchen at The Flying Noodle in Traverse City

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About six different types of noodles are pulled, cut and twisted fresh every single day at The Flying Noodle in Traverse City.

Culinary director Dallas Dziedzic says the mafaldine is his favorite.

“It’s unique, it’s beautiful,” he said.

The fresh noodles are the foundation these vibrant, satiating dishing are built upon.

“We got bay scallops, this saffron lobster broth, the fennel sofrito and some garnishes and tinctures,” Dallas said.

He says he hopes you forget you’re in Traverse City for a moment.

“I hope they get a sense of playfulness or creativity like they’re transported to that Mediterranean Coast,” Dallas said.

The restaurant’s name came easily.

“That’s how the noodle acts in the pan, it’s flying,” he said. “We wanted it to be approachable and fun and not something someone had to look up and understand.”

But plenty of other dishes are flying off the line here, like the chicken pesto.

Dallas says no detail is too small.

“We really just take every aspect and think it out and ‘yes that’s the way,’” Dallas said. “You’ve lost sleep over it and only from a way of because you care.”

For example, customer Leah Bagdon McCallum says even as something as seemingly simple as the croutons on the Caesar salad stand out.

“It’s just fun to eat, it’s a lot of textures going on,” Leah said.  “It’s clean, it’s fresh, everything about it makes me happy when I come in here with my family.”

After all the love the kitchen showed you in their dishes, you can show the kitchen a little love back.

“Kitchen six pack, so the guests will buy beers for the kitchen you know after the shift and it’s just this fun invigorating dialogue between the guests and we thank them and we ring a bell,” Dallas described. “It’s just fun, we are really just trying to throw a party and have fun but do it in this professional, creative manner.”

You can call The Flying Noodle at 231-943-1178 or find them at 136 E. Front Street in Traverse City.

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