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TC Commissioners Pass Resolution of Support to Bethany Christian Services For Their Work Helping Ukraine Refugees

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Traverse City Commissioners passed a resolution Tuesday in support of Bethany Christian Services as they help house Ukraine refugees.

Bethany Christian Services received support from commissioners as they apply for a grant from the U.S. Department of State’s Reception and Placement Program. Bethany Christian Services has been helping refugees in the region long before Ukraine was even a country. Traverse City Mayor Richard Lewis says they hope the grant helps them continue their work.

“It’s not something they need to have, but they felt it would help their efforts,” Mayor Lewis states. “I felt it would be more appropriate and probably more beneficial if they got a full resolution from the city commission of support for their efforts.”

The Traverse City area is known for it’s cherries and picturesque water. Those of us privy to the area know Grand Traverse County is also known for it’s large Ukrainian population. Over 700 Ukrainians live in Grand Traverse County. However, Mayor Lewis says he knows the community would have stepped up, regardless of nationality.

“We’re a very open community, we understand. So, I don’t think it’s just Ukrainians, but there is a special need at this point,” Mayor Lewis explains.

Mayor Lewis says he’s grateful for Bethany Christian Service’s efforts and his communities willingness to step up.

“We see this as very positive and at least one extremely small step to help out in a bad situation,” Mayor Lewis says.

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