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State’s Line 5 Lawsuit Awaits Federal Judge Decision

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The entire Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference was taking part just miles from the controversial Line 5 pipeline through the Mackinac Straits.

While most everyone agrees on the tunnel currently planned to be built under the Straits, there is debate over what to do with the pipeline now.

Some say it is an outdated threat to the Great Lakes while others say it is safe.

Currently the state is suing the pipeline owner, Enbridge, to immediately seize operations until the tunnel is built.

Enbridge says that will drastically increase heating and fueling costs for Michiganders.

The state’s lawsuit is waiting in federal court while they want it placed back in state court.

“We think it was a delaying tactic and we filed a motion to remand it and bring it back to state court where it should be heard,” said Dana Nessel, Michigan’s Attorney Gneeral, “We’re waiting for the federal judge in this case to issue a ruling. We had a briefing that was all submitted so we are just waiting on the court.”

Enbridge says the pipeline helps heat 65% of homes in the Upper Peninsula and 55% in the Northern lower.

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