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Michigan’s First Indoor Cannabis Lounge Expected to Bring in More Visitors to Kalkaska

Michigan’s first, indoor, cannabis-smokers lounge opened in downtown Kalkaska on Wednesday.

“Kalkushka” is finally open, located right next to the Botanical Company on South Cedar Street.

“We’re the first, indoor, cannabis lounge where you can smoke cannabis inside, legally, for the first time in the state,” said Kalkushka Cannabis Lounge General Manager Chris Attenberry.

They say the community has expressed a lot of interest and excitement around Kalkaska being the hub for all things recreational marijuana use.

“They’re letting me know how long they’ve been waiting for something like this, how much they think this is going to do for the community and how it’s going to help out the community and help the city of Kalkaska really regenerate and make this, really a beautiful spot,” said Attenberry.

Marc Ryan came from Mancelona and has been waiting outside for over a day, saying he wanted to be the first in line.

“I’ve been here just about 24 hours now,” said Ryan. “I’ve got friends that are going to to play here that are musicians and stuff, so it’s going to be a really cool thing for the community.”

Kalkaska currently has five operating adult-use marijuana businesses, leaving only three more permits available within city limits. DDA Executive Director Cash Cook says they’re seeing an increase in what the state calls: cannabis tourism.

“It’s created a lot of jobs and a lot of traffic in the town,” said Cook. “Anytime you get an industry that size, with that much investment, that employs that many people, it’s going to have an impact on the village.”

Attenberry expects the village to see a large increase in visitors this summer.

“To have something really here, doors open, ready to go—is bringing people from all over the state into Kalkaska, really looking to enjoy a space like this, visit the many dispensaries and then they can come here and enjoy their product with friends,” said Attenberry.

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