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What’s Growing: Time to Plant the Flowers

It sure feels like summer has arrived in northern Michigan. And that means it’s time to plant our flowers!

It’s past Memorial Day and hoping the frost is done for the season!

The raised bed is ready with Dairy Doo 201 which contains worm castings, minerals, and extra phosphorus for extra-large blooms!

So I picked up a bunch of flowers and placement is important.

Andrea” The important thing to note is the kind of flowers that you’re putting around your perimeter and we have mostly petunias here. Which is a low-growing kind of sprawling-out plant that also offers you a lot of color. In the middle we have our bigger plants that grow a little bit taller, to provide a little bit more depth to this box. Another consideration that you can have with your boxes is looking at the different colors that you have in there so you don’t have blocks of purple or maybe blocks of yellow and kind of just disperse that color arrangement around”

Let’s get to transplanting and one of the key things is making sure the spacing is correct.

“So you’ll notice with like the sprawling plants you want about like a foot or so between each of these, kind of same with these guys. These are snapdragons and so these ones will grow a lot taller. And yeah, you can kind of see these the snapdragons here. We also have marigolds, so these are grow tall, but they also kind of grow into a bush. So you want to allow a lot more space for these guys. And you’re just going to kind of dig down and you want to make sure that it that it’s at like the soil level of your block. So you’re just going to kind of place it in and kind of make it nice and snug and that’s pretty much it for designing these.”

Before planting, take a good look at the bed and make sure it all looks nice.

The work isn’t all that hard. For us, it was less than a half an hour.