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Traverse City Pit Spitters Announce New Food Items at Stadium This Summer

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The countdown to the first home run at Turtle Creek Stadium is about a week away, and on Wednesday, the announced their newest additions to their food menu.

They have about six new food options including the fan food vote winner⁠ a fried bread taco, with all the taco fixings you could want on a fried piece of dough as the shell.

They also have new 12 inch cherry brats, tater cakes covered in beer cheese, beer from Cheboygan Brewing Company, and Wine from Bonobo Winery.

The Pit Spitters say they’re excited to welcome back fans.

“We’re ready to get back going, have fans back out in the ball park, the excitement, let people try the new food items, and just have everyone back together at the best place to enjoy summer,” said Pit Spitters Director of Sales Sam Connell.

The season kicks off for the Pit Spitters on the road on Monday in Battle Creek.

The home opener is Friday, June 3.


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