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SS Badger Looks to Go Coal-Free

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The SS Badger looks to continue her lake crossings for the foreseeable future. How she does it, may soon change.

The Lake Michigan Carferry Inc. is in the early stages of looking into what it would take to shift away from coal power to something more green.

For its entire life, the Badger has used coal to power itself across Lake Michigan, first with rail cars and now with passengers and their vehicles. But as the entire maritime industry in the Great Lakes looks to go green, they feel it’s time to look into the options for the Badger.

“It’s a really big project to take on, especially for a vessel that will be celebrating its 70th anniversary next year,” said Sara Spore, general manager, “We don’t have any concrete timeline. We’re just in the beginning of looking at what the project would look like for not only the company but for everyone involved.”

There are hopes to keep the original coal engines in place but open them up to tours, once decommissioned.

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