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What’s Growing: Time to Plant the Veggies

The recent cold nights have given concern for anyone who has already planted.

It is early in the season but it’s something we just did!

David Coveyou with Coveyou Scenic Farms in Petoskey joined us to transplant our vegetables into the raised beds.

They already have Dairy Doo 301 so it’s simply setting up the bed for when things grow.

Dave says “The tomatoes I’m putting to the north, they’re gonna grow tall and provide shade I don’t want to shade the rest of my crops.” ” I love broccoli. So that’s why I’m putting here in the middle to cool weather crop just like the cauliflower’s and the kales and cabbages that just do great in our climate up here.”

At the other bed, Justin Morgan from Morgan Composting is planting seeds.

Unfortunately, Veggie Doo 301 is a little hot to for seeds so Justin is using Seed Starter 101. It has some Dairy Doo, worm castings, fungi, and many other vitamins to help the seeds grow.

It’s really easy to use” That’s our Seed Starter 101 and we just make a trough, fill it with seed starter 101 is a lot calmer and then just make sure you read the back of the package, whatever you choose to put in there as a seed. Now, this is lettuce it’s a quarter-inch so it’s a very small seed so you only go down a quarter inch and then you put them one inch apart which is very challenging if anybody’s ever planted a lettuce seed.”

Once everything is planted, you’ve got to water. You want to make sure the plants start growing and don’t die from the lack of water.

It’s pretty simple and quick as you don’t need a lot of plants as they will grow and give you plenty of veggies in a month or two.