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“MI Kids Back on Track” Tutoring Plan Aims to Expand Tutoring, Learning Support

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has proposed the “MI Kids Back on Track” plan, an effort that would invest $280 million to address unfinished learning with tutoring before, after or during school hours.

“The MI Kids Back on Track” program would double down on tackling unfinished learning by investing in what our kids need most,” said Gov. Whitmer. “For lots of kids, this means extra personalized instruction, like tutoring, which is a critical tool for parents to help their kids get caught up and on the right track after a tough few years.”

If funded, the program would offer 1.4 million students about 10 hours of tutoring through tutors who would be focused on students specific learning challenges.

The plan would also build on existing funding given to the state from the American Rescue Plan to boost tutoring programs, process background checks for potential tutors and pay tutors. Some schools across the state have already received federal funding to address unfinished learning, according to the Office of Gov. Whitmer.

To learn more, or to join the “MI Kids Back on Track” plan,