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What’s Growing: Spring Lawn Care Time

Now that the warmth has made an appearance there is no doubt your lawn is growing!

If you are wondering how we do it here at 9&10 News, well Andrea Bushree of NanBop Farm and Justin Morgan of Morgan Composting have the details.

Andrea sees it every day now, a nice green lawn outside her window here at Heritage House. It didn’t take long for it to start growing and has already been cut twice!

Justin is not surprised as the lawn has been helped out for years by adding organics so the lawn can hold more nutrients.

He explains it using 2 bottles – 1 with their Safe Green Lawn and the other a typical fertilizer. You can see the Safe Green lawn is dark and dirty while the other is salt-based and is clear.

He says you want the dark bottle (organic mixture) to make a long-term difference to your lawn. This way you don’t have to keep fertilizing every few weeks.

Other things you can do for a great lawn are irrigating, overseeding and de-thatching.

I’m very happy with how the lawn is looking and can’t wait to start planting our vegetables in our raised beds.

That comes next week.