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Mental Health Mission: Overcoming Substance Abuse Disorder with 217 Recovery


And that’s when it hit him.

“It’s for me, it’s in my blood,” Corey said. “The one thing that I put above alcohol was being on the air.”

He started his podcast. 217 Recovery, as a way for him to cope in the early days of his recovery.

But the podcast caught on and now about 3 years later, with over 600 episodes, it’s helping people in recovery and their families cope too.

“From the first episode, I had a vision. It was because I felt like I had purpose with it,” Corey said. “I was given hope by that one person- and you never know what person is going to give you that hope.”

Now, he’s giving hope in more ways than one.

“I started noticing too; different holes in the system,” Corey said.

217 Recovery is now also a non-profit and Corey is certified by the state to help transport people in need to recovery centers.

Often driving hours to pick someone up in crisis and taking them hours away to seek treatment.

“There are people who just don’t have options and they need somebody to rely on that can get them there,” said Krysteena Burfield, the director of community based services for Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City.

“He’s able to not only give them a ride- but talk to them about it’s gonna go, what it’s going to be like, you’re going to make it through, it’s going to be okay,” Krysteena said. “(It’s) not just give them a ride, but make a difference on the way there before they even step in the door.”

Nearly 200 rides in it’s all about one thing for Corey…

“Just sharing my experiences with people and that the thing about addiction and all of our stories- they’re all so similar,” Corey said.

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To learn more about Addiction Treatment Services,

To find a chapter of Families Against Narcotics,

Families Against Narcotics and Addiction Treatment Services have partnered together with the Traverse Area District Library to host

The has a free, confidential 24/7, 365-day treatment and referral service available for individuals and families at 1-800-662-4357.


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