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Unsolved: Who Killed Nicholas Beebe?

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It’s been 16 years since someone shot and killed 18-year-old Nicholas Beebe in his home as he was asleep on the couch.

But after a decade and a half of investigating, still no arrests and no charges.

Nick Beebe and life in northern Michigan seemed to go hand in hand.

“His favorite was trout season and mushrooming. Oh, he was really good at finding them. I wasn’t. He played football, never basketball, just football. But truthfully, fishing really was. Since he was little, fishing was his favorite,” said Nick’s mother Richielene.

Nick was living between Tustin and Marion in Osceola County in May of 2006.

The home has since been torn down.

“Well, he was truthfully eager to move back in with me and. Which was a very good idea,” said Richielene.

But Nick would never get the chance.

“It was close to 3:00, And I said, What? And I said, who is this? And he said, Rick. And I thought it was my cousin, because I have a cousin named Rick who also has a sister named Nicole. And I really did think it was my cousin Ricky at that time. And I said, well, who is this Nick? She said, Nick’s been shot with a 22 or something. And I’m like, what?”

Nick’s mom got to the scene a short time later.

“And when I got there, the ambulance was on the road, and I talked to them and said, Hey, are you here for my son, it’s just right down there,” she said.

Investigators would eventually say someone shot nick through the window of his home as he and his girlfriend slept. But Nick’s mom has now come to question that sequence of events.

“And then another story was, from the girlfriend, that somebody she heard a vehicle and somebody actually came into the house. That was her second story,” said Richielene.

And Nick’s mother was faced with even more questions after getting a copy of Nick’s death certificate — showing his time of death as just past midnight on the 12th, 3 hours before she got a call.

And those questions have gone unanswered for 16 years, even as Nick’s family offered a reward.

“There’s no good leads. Not a darn thing. They also searched the Millpond a few years ago looking in the pond for the gun because they don’t have the weapon either. I want them to pay for what they did. You know, they shouldn’t be out there fishing, having fun, mushrooming, you know, hanging out with their friends. They shouldn’t be. They’ve been doing it for 16 years,” said Richielene.

If you have any information on who shot and killed Nick Beebe, call the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office at .

You can also dive deeper into the case by listening to our .