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What’s Growing? Topping off your Flower Bed

Hey northern Michigan, guess what, the sun’s back out. I’m loving it and I hope you are too!

Connor Witbeck and Andrea Bushre are with me talking about our raised flower beds. Last week, we took care of the larger ones, now we’re talking about the smaller ones and Flower Doo 201.

Last year, we put this one to bed but things have changed a bit. What do we need to do here to get it ready for our flowers?

Connor says, “Everything settled down a little bit. So we lost a couple of inches. So really what we need to do is top it off.”

That’s great to hear, however, if you didn’t put it to bed you have to do a little work

“You’re going to want to come in with our Healthy Garden. Sprinkle some of that on there. We usually say about four pounds per 100 square feet. And just kind of get that under giving it a little boost get those plants kind of going.”

You may have noticed we moved the beds this year. When we did some of the beds still had ice in the middle!

Andrea, “the whole center of this was a big iceberg. Which is a big surprise with how warm it’s been lately.”

It just shows you, that the soil takes a while to warm up.

So, it’s too cold to put in transplants right now but this is the time to top off the beds with Flower Doo 201.

Connor says, “Flower Doo 201 is a loaded potting soil. What’s more, you know, catered obviously to flowers. It’s got more phosphorus in it. So you’re gonna have bigger brighter blooms, you’re actually gonna have more blooms.”

It’s an easy job that only takes a few minutes.

Now, all we need to do is wait for things to warm up.