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Rinke Campaign Bus Tour Swings Through Cadillac

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The race for governor is a crowded one, with several Republican candidates hitting the road already to try to differentiate themselves.

Ten Republicans fill the primary race and one of them, Kevin Rinke, is on a ten-day bus tour across the state.

Tuesday, he was in Cadillac and Traverse City. Rinke met with a crowd from Cadillac Casting, laying out his plans and taking questions. He claims to be an outsider to politics but so is every other candidate in the race for the GOP nomination.

Rinke is leaning on his business experience as the difference maker.

“I am a conservative. I am an outsider so I look at the scale of business because being the governor is being the chief executive of the state,” said Rinke, “Who has business experience that compares to mine? They are all great people, it’s a statement of fact.”

Rinke continues his ten-day tour, including stops in the Upper Peninsula, later this week.

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