Inside The Kitchen at Beechwood Cafe in Roscommon

“He’s like ‘it’s new and I heard they’re good,’” was the recommendation that encouraged the Floyd family to check out Beechwood Cafe in Roscommon.

Chrissy Floyd says they came in and everything was absolutely amazing. Her daughter, Cora, agrees. She says they start their day there every morning.

Chef and owner Matt Cassell describes it as an American-style French bistro.

“It’s actually an old famous family recipe, the fry bread my mother used to make it for me when I was a little kid all the time,” he described as he started loading up the breakfast sandwich.

“I make sure I touch every dish that goes out, so just like fine-tuning everything, you just get goosebumps when I put the plate in the window and it goes out hear the reaction from the people,” Matt said.

The bread for the French toast is also handmade every morning by matt’s wife, Lisa. Beech 2

“So this is granulated sugar, and this is almost going to be like a crème brûlée when you get that hard crust on the crème brûlée,” he said.

Chef Matt recommends taking ultimate bite.

“So you take a little bit of the butter, the French toast, one raspberry and some peaches and make the ultimate bite,” Matt smiled.

Everything at Beechwood Cafe is taken to the next level.

Like the breakfast burrito filled with pulled pork that was braised for about six hours, then finished off.

“Now what we are going to do is the grilled cheese part of it,” Matt described.  Beech

Chef Matt has worked all over the country.

“Started with Mario Batali and went to the London Hotel and worked for Gordon Ramsay there,” Matt said.

Now, he and his family are calling Roscommon home.

“This is my life, wake up, think about it in the morning, every day,” he said.

You can call Beechwood Cafe at 989-281-1484 or find them at 406 North 5th Street.

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