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‘I’m Not a Racist’ Trucker Randy Explanation Doesn’t Match Show Recording

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A state senate candidate was accused of racist comments on his radio show. He denied saying them.

9&10 News went back and researched the recording of “Trucker Randy” Bishop’s radio show and it seemed to go against what he told the station Monday.

The long time conservative talk radio host is running in the 37th State Senate District as a Democrat.

“I’m not a racist,” said Bishop, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”

Bishop said that Monday when asked for his response on a clip of his radio show where he made a racist comment.

“We were talking about different things that people had been observing on TV commercials,” said Bishop.

First, Bishop said the clip may have been spliced but then said he was reading a listener’s text and the clip was out of context.

“I literally am talking into the microphone while I’m sitting down and reading text messages of what my audience texts into the show,” he explained.

That is how he runs his show, instead of callers, he reads texts. When asked for more context, he brushed 9&10 News off.

“I haven’t even taken the time to find it on my podcast list,” he said.

9&10 News went to his archives and found the segment, March 31st in the second half hour of his three hour show. Bishop was ranting about the media indoctrinating children through TV commercials.

“You will not believe what this country looks like in 20, 30, 40 years from now,” he said during the show, “If we continue down this path with public indoctrination of our kids and their socialist and communist agenda. What is it? Destroy the nuclear family.”

A few seconds later he clarified how the nuclear family is being destroyed.

“Now every single commercial has a biracial mom and dad,” Bishop said in the show.

Then came the controversial clip.

“I can’t even watch a college basketball tournament without commercials telling me that I have to feel guilty,” Bishop said, “Because I think a family should be a white mom a white dad and white kids.”

“Those are not my words,” Bishop said Monday, “I was reading all kinds of text messages into the show from my listeners.”

When listening to the entire segment he never refers to a text. These are said as if they are his thoughts and later a listener acknowledged his thoughts.

“He says thank you for my comments about the TV commercials. If the black population is at 13%, then why are half the commercials black-and-white?” Bishop said.

When asked for further comment, 9&10 News was ignored.

If you would like to listen to the segment yourself, the radio segment can be found at . The clip is in the second half hour of the March 31, 2022 show.

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