Great Lakes Environmental Festival Hosts First Earth Day Event in Manistee

Students from five Manistee County high schools participated in a brand new Earth Day event in the area.

FestivalIt’s called the Great Lakes Environmental Festival.

STEM students from Manistee Catholic Central, Manistee High School, Onekama, Kaleva Norman Dickson, and Bear Lake were able to hear about the Earth Day topic—the Great Lakes and how the environment is influenced by human behavior.

“We’re hoping that they’ll understand that recycling water is in fact going to become a part of all of our future uses of water,” said co-chair Zigmond Kozicki.
They watched the movie ‘great lakes, one water for life’, and were able to ask questions from a panel of local environmental experts.

“The idea of this is to get people in the community to think about the Great Lakes, about the environment, and what they’re doing or can be doing in the future to improve the environment,” said Kozicki.

The festival hopes to expand to a three day event around Earth Day to get more of the Manistee community involved.

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