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Ludington to Vote on Possible City Charter Revision

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The public will vote on whether to form a commission to take a look and possibly revise the city’s charter in Ludington for the May election.

The charter is essentially the constitution of a city.

It’s been 30 years since Ludington has made any changes and, since then, there have been anomalies the city council has had to work around.

They say some guidelines are cumbersome and outdated so the commission of nine locals would review the document and make changes if they see fit.

“Everybody that has a 30-year-old document in front of them, that has continued to live and breathe for those 30 years, would want to review it to see if it’s irrelevant today as it was 30 years and prior to that,” said Steve Miller, Ludington mayor, “It is something that time alone says have another look at and if nothing comes of it, nothing comes of it.”

If the ballot initiative fails, the charter will stay as is until another attempt is made to review it.