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Crystal Mountain Among 15 Major Businesses Supporting Transition to Carbon-Neutral Economy

Promo Image: Crystal Mountain Among 15 Major Businesses Supporting Transition to Carbon-Neutral Economy

Thompsonville’s Crystal Mountain is one of 15 major businesses in Michigan who have sent a letter to Governor Gretchen Whitmer emphasizing the importance of making climate action a priority.

Businesses such EILEEN FISHER, Ford, General Mills, General Motors, IKEA and Siemens, have all made commitments to reducing climate pollution throughout their operations and supply chains, and recognize that supportive state policies are needed to help achieve these goals.

“Climate change poses a significant risk to our businesses, threatens the competitiveness and livelihoods of our supply chains, and impacts the communities in which we operate. Because of these risks to our businesses, consumers, and employees, we view climate action as a top priority for Michigan and we offer our support for statewide strategies that will achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050,” the businesses wrote.

The letter to Governor Whitmer comes as her administration prepares to release the final MI Healthy Climate Plan, which includes recommended strategies to put the state on a path to reach their goal of economy-wide carbon neutrality by 2050. A draft of the plan was released in Jan., and supports Governor Whitmer’s executive directive that created Michigan’s carbon neutrality goal.

“The MI Healthy Climate Plan offers an important step towards achieving our longer-term goal of carbon neutrality. Moving toward a carbon-neutral economy will enhance the vitality, competitiveness, and growth of our state, sending a clear signal that Michigan is open for business,” the letter said.

“Michigan is already feeling the accelerated impact of a changing climate,” said professional engineer Jim MacInnes, board chairman of Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, MI. “The good news is the technologies we need to build a low-carbon energy future are currently available – electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations, grid scale batteries, and wind and solar power. Expanding our power grid is also necessary to accelerate the deployment of these clean energy resources. By working together to advocate and take action now, we can protect this beautiful part of the country and ensure Michigan continues to be an attractive destination for future generations.”