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Gobblers of Gaylord Shuts Down Saturday After 36 Years in Business

After 36 years, Gobblers of Gaylord is closing permanently Saturday. The restaurant is famous for serving up turkey dinners year round and has even been voted as the number one destination in northern Michigan by the Detroit News.

The owners say the pandemic rules forced their employees to look elsewhere for jobs, and the remaining staff and family are overworked. So, keeping the restaurant open is not a possibility.

“It’s a special place when people went on vacation they’d stop that was part of their vacation to make it successful,” said the owner Andy Behrenwald. “And that went through the generations in their family. And so I don’t know what else you can say, you can only take something so far and you have to make these decision for yourself and for your family and not continue to kill yourself trying to fulfill the community needs.”

The Gobbler’s location in Waters will remain open.