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People in Elk Rapids Reacting to the Plot Against Governor Whitmer Verdict

The plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer revolved around her lake house in Elk Rapids and even blowing up a bridge nearby to slow any law enforcement response.

On Friday, the jury found two men not guilty of the charges against them. The jury could not reach a verdict on charges against the two other men.

People who live in Elk Rapids are reacting to the verdict.

“Unfortunately, northern Michigan has received a lot of negative attention due to this. Fortunately, our justice system has worked out because if there is not enough evidence to convict, the individuals should be innocent,” said Andy LaPointe of Elk Rapids.

“My biggest concern is that a non-guilty verdict may embolden some far-right activists, and at this point at what is happening in the world, I feel as Americans we all need to come together,” said Jeffery Herman of Elk Rapids.

Some people in Elk Rapids said what hit close to home were the discussions about the bridge being blown up.

“It is a shot right to the heart to me because I’ve been up here my whole life,” said Herman. “To me, that is like a strike against our own country and our state, and the amount of hatred a person must have to attack ourselves is really something as a nation we need to look at.”

“That was close to heart because we live here, we work here, that is our only way to get into Traverse City other than going around and by the water,” said LaPointe.

For the two men who face a re-trial in the case, people in Elk Rapids believe in the justice system to determine their fate.

“If there is enough evidence to support what is alleged, then yeah, I think there should be justice, and a precedent needs to be set where it is not acceptable to plot violence against our leaders,” said Herman.

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