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Beards Brewery Chooses Tip of the Mitt Watershed for Community Outreach Partnership Program

Beards Brewery chooses Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council to be their partner for the second quarter of the Community Outreach Partnership Program.

From April 1 to June 30, a portion of the proceeds that come from Beards’ Copperstar Galactica brew will go to the Watershed Council.

Throughout this time, Beards and the Watershed Council will also be partnering together to educate and guide the community in all water matters, both locally and globally. They will also be working together to protect and enjoy the Great Lakes Environment.

“Tip of the Mitt Watershed is an excellent leader in terms of our water resources, sustainability, and community,” said Emily Hengstebeck, Beards Brewery’s Sales and Events Manager. “Our second quarter community partnership theme focuses on the environment and was chosen by the majority of our team as a topic they care about, wanting to both learn more and become more proactive about it here in Northern Michigan. The Watershed Council reached out to us about a possible partnership and the timing could not have been more perfect.”

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