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Career Technical Education Millage Up for Renewal in the Charlevoix-Emmet County School District

The Charlevoix-Emmet county school district is asking for the public’s support as their Career Technical Education Millage is up for renewal.

The millage has been successfully passed for the intermediate school district  every four years since 1996. This program prepares kindergarten through 12th grade students for the work force and college after their education is complete with the district.

The programs range from aviation, to construction and other trades.

“We have things going on in kindergarten classes, all the way up through high school,” said said Jim Rummer, the Regional Career Education Director of the Charlevoix-Emmet intermediate school district.

The Charlevoix-Emmet ISD is also asking taxpayers for a .25 mill increase in funds to provide transportation and expansions to their 47 different programs across the state.

“We have a lot of people that are getting ready to go out the door, and we have less people waiting to fill those positions, and so all the more reason for our career technical education programs, and the support we give our students and learning about the world of different occupations and careers that are out there,” said Rummer.

Voting for the millage is on May 3.

To see more in-depth information about the millage, .