Northern Michigan City Leads State In Renewable Energy

The Michigan Climate Action Network and partner organizations released a new report on Tuesday identifying four Michigan counties, townships, and cities that have set carbon neutrality or 100% renewable energy goals. Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Highland Park, and Traverse City are all working to make a direct environmental change for our State.

“It’s still a misconception, out in the public, that renewable energy is more expensive than traditional fossil fuels,” said Tim Werner, Traverse City Commissioner. “That’s just not the case.”

In the last few years, Traverse City has hit the ground running when it comes to fighting the climate crisis.

“Traverse City has its 100% renewable goal, which we’ve met,” said Werner. “We had a goal of 100% renewable energy by the year 2020, for city operations.”

Traverse City Light and Power currently have a goal to move the entire community to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040. This is the only goal of its kind in the State.

“The community here in Traverse City, and with Light Power as the electricity provider, the community has spoken up repeatedly, with a strong interest in moving toward a smaller carbon footprint, renewable energy,” said Werner.

Traverse City Light and Power also hope to reach 40% percent renewable energy by 2025.

“We can’t fix or solve climate change ourselves, but we can set an example for our kids and our grandkids,” said Werner.

There is also ongoing discussions that Traverse City Light and Power is partnering with other communities to build a utility scale solar project in the northwest portion of the State’s lower peninsula.

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