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Driver Cited for Going 133 MPH on US-131

Michigan State Police say they caught someone going way over the speed limit this weekend on US-131.

Michigan State Police 7th District Public Information Officer Lt. Derrick Carroll said troopers stopped a driver Sunday around midnight in Wexford County going 133 miles per hour.

The speed limit in the area they were stopped in is 75 miles per hour.

“These aggressive drivers and people speeding, they have to be aware that these 133 miles per hour is uncalled for in this circumstance, and you will be ticketed,” said Lt. Carroll.

Lt. Carroll said the driver, who is from Cadillac, had several passengers in the car.

The driver was given a ticket and received four points on their license.

Lt. Carroll said in 2021, there were 83 crashes along that stretch of US-131. With the weather conditions and time of morning, he said things could have been a lot worse.

“The temperature was 34 degrees, you could hit a patch of ice, the roads are slippery,” said Lt. Carroll. “Deer, other animals crossing, you’re looking at a fatality if you were to be struck by a deer, and the consequences of losing control just at that speed with a blowout or anything else.”

Alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the speeding.

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