FBI Informant Takes The Stand in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Trial

The trial in the kidnapping plot of Governor Gretchen Whitmer wrapped up a short week Friday in Grand Rapids.

The day may have featured the key witness to the entire trial, the militia member that turned to police when the discourse within the group turned even too violent for him.

The FBI used him as an informant to build their case.Whitmer Trial Day 4 6 Pm Llvo 3 17 2200 00 25 17still001

The informant, known as ‘Dan,’ is a former Army sergeant who joined the Wolverine Watchmen to keep his military skills fresh and to support the Second Amendment. After a few weeks, once the pandemic hit, the discourse in the group turned to hunting down and killing police. That was too much for Dan and he went to a police officer friend who notified the FBI.

Dan gave the feds the inside look they needed to build their case, specifically with Adam Fox. Dan was in on several meetings and trainings held during the planning stages.

This included rallies, like the one on June 18, 2020 where Dan says the militia was ready to attack the Michigan State Capitol building, if enough numbers showed.

He was on both recon missions to scope out the governor’s lake house, the first during the day in August. This is when Fox showed excitement for finding the correct house and scoping the place from across the water.

He was also in on the nighttime mission where more men were let in on the plan and details squared away for a water exit after potentially snatching Governor Whitmer from the home.

The prosecution’s questioning took up the entire day and will continue Monday and then the defense had little to say afterward except that there is more to Dan than shown so far.

“Well we’re going to to get up on Monday and cross examine him,” Said Josh Blanchard, Barry Croft’s attorney, “We’ll get to hear the rest of the story on Monday.” 

Their biggest criticism is just how reliable Dan is.

“I think that’s for the jury to decide but I think you’ll hear more about that Monday,” said Blanchard.

Dan said the FBI didn’t pay him to be an informant but did reimburse a large amount of his expenses and his influence will be a key point in the argument for entrapment by the defense.

“They paid Big Dan to do an awful lot and we’re gonna talk about that on Monday,” said Blanchard.

This was by far the longest testimony we have seen so far and it seems like Dan is the biggest witness for everyone.

Cross examination is expected to take all day Monday.

The belief is one of the two men who flipped on the group and took a plea deal.