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Cadillac Girls Softball Team Getting Their Dream Field

Members of Cadillac’s 2022 Leadership class are coming together to renovate the Kysor Memorial Field.

“It’s been chaos, to tell you the truth, but at the end of the day, it’s been fun,” said Angel Vallejo, a member of Cadillac’s Leadership class. “We we were able to meet new people, connect with other organizations, and families that are just coming alongside and helping us.”

The renovation of the field will help the girls youth Viking Softball Association, giving them a place to practice and compete.

“They saw what we were doing with softball, and saw the mission, and what we want to do with the fields. They jumped on board,” said Eric Stuart, President of Viking Softball Association.

The Viking Softball Association is a program for all girls ages seven to fourteen. They are able to learn the game of softball, while also having the opportunity to compete.

“For our practice, I feel like it’ll be more productive,” said Olivia Downing, a Cadillac softball player. “The field is all bumpy and stuff, so it’s harder for grounders, it’s harder to control the ball when you go to pick it up and throw it to a base.”

The project is expected to begin this summer. The first step will be resurfacing the field.

“It’s been a real eye sore for a while,” said Stuart. “To see the vision of it come together, where there’s a possibly to be restored, for the entire community use, it’s the greater blessing for us.”

The leadership class will also be adding batting cages, a water fountain, repairing the parking lot, and a handful of other things.

“This gives the opportunity for young kids to start somewhere, and even for families and businesses, to come alongside and leave a legacy for many years to come,” said Vallejo.

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